Clean up your coins

Quick info how to cleanup your cryptocurrency. Money laundering is not easy process, but crypto currency can help you.

General info

Good practices and hints.

  1. To cleanup your coins always use two different crypto-exchange services!
  2. Never use online wallets, always use your local wallet with blockchain downloaded to your machine! If you somehow cant download blockchain to your machine, and there is a need to use remote node as a option then always use Tor nodes or use wallet application over the Tor.
  3. Never transfer crypto straight from one exchange to another. Use some local wallets not related to your real identity and with addresses never published on any websites.
  4. Always have two identities not related to itself. One is your Tor/Thief/Businessmen/Darknet/Anonymous/Dealer identity and second one is your real life identity. Both should never use the same services and never have the same opinions/applications/wallets.
  5. Never buy coins on the exchange located in your country. (Local companies cooperate with local police much more effective, easier to get a warrant and get the data.).
  6. Always have a good explanation for the source of crypto income. Prepare credible stories and stick to them at all times. A well-played situation sometimes allows you to recover blocked funds.
  7. Always use escrow when ordering products and look for vendors with good reputation.
  8. Try to pay using Monero instead of BTC.
  9. Output wallet should always be your local wallet and not the wallet to other exchange or swap service. Exchange owner see if it comes from other exchange and can block your found because of possibility of money laundering.
  10. Always read how exchange works, what is the service reputation, terms and conditions and FAQ. Use anonymous and automated exchanges without creating accounts and AML/KYC procedures. Not all AML/KYC exchanges are bad, but these can hold your founds, if the transfer will look suspicious or amounts are too big and time between transfers is too short, and all are made from same location or Tor network.
  11. Minimize your risk by sending smaller transactions, never exchange everything at once.

Coins source

  • Bought (even not anonymously, on any service, it is good to use one not located in your country).
  • Shady transactions - you received coins from other people or as a payment for your product or services.

Exchange process

First using one of the services listed in crypto exchange services section, exchange BTC (or any coins you have) to Monero. Use Monero wallet not related to your real life identity. Transfer Monero to other Monero wallet. At this point you can use your Monero to pay for service or products. If you would like to convert Monero to BTC again and not pay using Monero, choose other exchange service (this time it should be the anonymous one and not the same which you used for exchange between BTC and Monero in the first step) and exchange Monero to BTC. BTC are clean and you can sell/exchange them on any service.

Example 1 - the Darknet Vendor

You have BTC from selling drugs on wallet related to your Darknet identity. If you want to cleanup BTC follow this exchange chain example:

Use Exchange Service 1 (eg. Fixed Float) to switch from BTC to Monero, output should be your local Monero wallet -> transfer Monero between your two Monero wallets -> use Exchange Service 2 (eg. Godex) to switch from Monero to BTC, output should be your local Bitcoin wallet -> your coins are clean.

Example 2 - the Darknet Buyer

You bought some BTC and want to buy drugs on the market. Mix your coins to not reveal your identity (during the investigation Follow The Money method can be used against you by tracking your transactions).

On Exchange Service 1 (eg. SimpleSwap) switch your BTC to Monero to your local wallet -> transfer Monero between your two Monero wallets- > use Exchange Service 2 (eg. -> switch your Monero to BTC to your local wallet -> you can use coins to buy products.

Exchange services

Check our links page with actual crypto exchange services section.